Ariana Grande, famed donut-licker and former America-hater (oh and also singer), has a signature hairstyle. She always wears her long hair up in a full, high ponytail that kind of looks like a cheerleader by way of Taylor Swift's girl squad and a cat. And — not that it matters — the look is achieved by wearing extensions.

Leave Ariana Grande's ponytail alone!
Leave Ariana Grande's ponytail alone!

Apparently, people give her a lot of shit about this. (But probably not as much shit as she got about licking the donut. Just guessing.) She's previously responded to the haters by explaining that her hair has gotten extremely damaged because of the dye she's had to put in it for acting roles, and that everyone can mind their own goddamn business (paraphrasing).

Sources: h/t Jezebel