Modern Family star Ariel Winter just keeps living her best life. Over the weekend, the 19-year-old actress dropped trouser to show us her newest tattoo: a romantic quote inked on the side of her bum.

Winter, never one to shy away from potential internet controversy, shared a not totally safe-for-work pantsless photo of her new tattoo on Snapchat:

"Love risks everything and asks for nothing," reads the tattoo. The quote is from Rumi—the Persian poet, not Beyoncé's newborn daughter. Although given Beyoncé's level of excellence, we wouldn't be that surprised if her month-old twins were spouting deep quotes already.


ANYWAY, Ariel Winter loves some partially hidden body modification with personal significance. A little over a year ago, she inked her nieces' and nephew's initials on her ribcage:

She also shares at least two relationship tattoos with her boyfriend Levi Meaden: matching half-heart tattoos on their hands, and they got "peanut-butter and cheese" inked on their fingers last month. Because, uhh, whatever you're in to, I guess.

What do you think of her latest ink?