Appearing on the Sirius XM show The Michael Smerconish Program, Arnold Schwarzenegger offered a curious theory as to why Donald Trump can't keep his Apprentice successor off his Twitter timeline.

"Final question, unrelated subject, and I'd be derelict if I didn't ask," began the host, with an eye on his ratings. "Why do you think the president is fixated on you? Why does he keep talking about you through his Twitter feed?"

The discussion on Donald Trump starts at the 7:35 mark.


"I think he's in love with me," responded Schwarzenegger, slightly amused. Donald Trump has tweeeted about Schwarzenegger's "destroyed" Apprentice ratings, his "bad" Apprentice ratings, and even touched on that same compelling theme during remarks at a National Prayer Breakfast.

"Is that what it is?"

"Yeah, I think so."

"You've had a long relationship with him."

"Oh, yes." Then Arnold Schwarzenegger began to laugh. And the man clearly likes to laugh. He was in The Kindergarten Cop, after all. And his laugh continued, taking the show to its conclusion.


But is Arnold Schwarzenegger—Kindergarten Cop, Barbarian, Governator—on to a compelling theory? Does Donald Trump sublimate his all consuming love for a subject via tweet? According to this theory, here are some other things Trump's in love with:

  • Democrats
  • Chuck Schumer
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Crooked, as an aesthetic
  • Taco bowls
  • Himself
  • Sadness

Yup, pretty convincing theory.

Sources: h/t Entertainment Weekly