The pregnancy rumors (and realities) are swirling this week! First Kim Kardashian sparked rumors of a pregnancy with a suspicious retweet. And then Beyoncé announced that she is definitely and doubly pregnant (with twins). And now the Associated Press—one of the news sources we thought we could still trust!—"accidentally" tweeted that Ariana Grande is pregnant, and then apologized for the "mistake," US Weekly reports.


Here's a screencap of the tweet, which was sent out yesterday:

"Ariana Grande is pregnant, guess who's the father?" the Associated Press wrote. They then quickly deleted it, and sent out this follow-up tweet:

“.@APEntertainment has deleted from its account a tweet about Ariana Grande,” they wrote. “It was unauthorized. We are investigating.”


Investigating what, exactly? How much their interns are drinking at the office after-hours? Or the state of Ariana Grande's womb? Either way, a few of the singer's fans missed the second memo and are freaking out.


The singer, who is dating rapper Mac Miller, has not responded to the rumor, but she did post this photo on Instagram today of her and her dog:

Very cute. But we still don't know what it means and if she's pregnant or not.

But either way, we should leave the poor woman alone. She's got an upcoming tour to promote and donuts to lick.
Sources: US Weekly