Many celebrities are notorious tricksters, probably as a result of them having so much money that they get bored easily. Here are some of the best pranks that celebrities pulled off without the help of Ashton Kutcher.

1. Liam Neeson pretended to be his Taken character to protect his movie daughter Maggie Grace.

2. Brad Pitt convinced his friends that the Y2K apocalypse was real.

By convincing the government to cut off power and phone service at his Mexican resort at midnight. Holy f*ck, Brad.


3. Joaquin Phoenix's yearlong rapper prank.

Remember when Phoenix seemingly had a nervous breakdown and announced that he was retiring from acting to pursue a career in hip-hop? It was all a prank for the mockumentary I'm Still Here, but the Inherent Vice star was so committed to the bit that he fooled even David Letterman in an interview that is still uncomfortable even if you know it's a prank:

4. George Clooney hid all the poop from his friend's cat's litterbox. And then pooped in it himself.


5. Aaron Paul faked a meteorite crashing in his friend's backyard. It made the news.

6. Keith Moon made his drum kit explode on TV. And everything else explode too.

The tragically deceased drummer for The Who drummer famously also liked to throw cherry bombs down hotel toilets. There's a thin line between being a prankster and being a jerk.

7. Ellen DeGeneres scares celebrities. Just because.