24 times Bette Midler's tweets were the wind beneath our wings.

24 times Bette Midler's tweets were the wind beneath our wings.

The latest Kim Kardashian nude selfie got people talking about her, which is nothing new, but it also got people talking about timeless diva Bette Midler. The Divine Miss M cracked some jokes about Kim K's salacious tweets, which brought attention to Midler's own Twitter account.

24 times Bette Midler's tweets were the wind beneath our wings.
This sass comes through in tweet form.

Here are her best tweets that will make you fly higher than an eagle, because she is the wind beneath your wings.

1. When she kalled on Kim to strip down for charity.

2. When she nailed the electile dysfunction.

3. When she compared Room to Melania's groom.

4. When she called out the dumb priorities of the Oscars.

5. When she pitched to Swift's squad.


6. When she gave slash fiction writers this terrifying idea.

7. When she got in Formation.

8. When she made Groundhog Day modern.

9. When she explained the flaws of Reaganomics.


10. When she discovered the reason for Cruz's animosity.

11. When she reminded us about Kim Davis's sanctity of marriage.

12. When she stood up for Carrie Fisher.

13. When she dropped the mic about the ball drop.


14. When she turned up the heat on climate deniers.

15. When she brought her eh-game.

16. When she foreshadowed her own selfie controversy.

17. When she got scarily real.


18. When she had her own Thanksgiving Day Parade.

19. When she found the good in humanity.

20. When she was a sexy environmentalist.

21. When she shared this healing #tbt.


22. When she shared a meme of herself.

23. When she demonstrated that nobody's perfect.

24. When she was more dangerous than NWA.

As the election gets crazier and America descends into madness, her tweets on the matter will be a silver lining.