So, about that picture of Beyoncé's twins. Those weren't her twins.

So, about that picture of Beyoncé's twins. Those weren't her twins.

Uh, hey. This is awkward but...

Remember yesterday when we were all excited because we finally saw a picture of Beyoncé's twins, Rumi and Sir?

Well, yeah...about that...


Since Beyoncé's gave birth to her twins last year, she has mostly been keeping her two youngest children out of the spotlight. Of course, she debuted Rumi and Sir in this truly iconic Instagram post, but besides that, we really haven't seen any more of them.

So when Beyoncé used this image of herself holding two babies on the opening night of her On the Run II tour on Wednesday, naturally everyone assumed that those were her babies.

I CANT 😭😭🤧🤧🤧😍😍

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Everyone commenting on the pictures on Instagram were excited to finally see the babies.

"The twins! Finally!" wrote on commenter.


"THEY'RE GETTING SO BIG," said another.

Uh, yeah. Only one problem. Those babies are just not Rumi and Sir.

Yep, although the "Love on Top" singer has two babies of her own, she hired these ones out.

The truth came to light when BuzzFeed reached out to a rep for Bey and asked if those were her babies. The rep's swift response was, "It's not."

However, additional images were used throughout the concert, some of which MIGHT feature the actual twins, but we can't be 100% of anything anymore, I guess.


So here is my question...WHOSE BABIES ARE THOSE?