On Friday afternoon, a celebratory earthquake rippled out among tennis fans when the all-star Serena Williams gave birth to her first child, a baby girl, alongsider her fiance and Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian.

Hours after the news broke, a second ripple of joy was sent through the multiverse when Beyonce congratulated Williams in an Instagram post.

The internet loves to see these two beloved women support each other.

It's comforting when two famous people you imagine are good people seem to like each other. It gives hope that maybe, just maybe, the Illuminati rumors are all a conspiracy.


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Unsurprisingly, some fans are daydreaming about a power-friendship between Williams' daughter and Beyonce's twins.

We can already imagine the three children gossiping about the pressure of living up to the impossible standards set by their mothers.

And fathers too, their fathers are impressive, but this post is about Beyonce and Williams, okay?!


The Twitter user and Buzzfeed writer Sylvia Obell acknowledged a painful truth: that Serena's baby is already living the dream of Beyhive members everywhere.

The world is more than ready for these famous babies to become friends.


We should probably give them time to learn how to eat and walk and be tiny humans before thrusting them into friendship.

Blue Ivy will give them some pointers on how to be a good tiny human.

Congratulation, Serena! And congratulations Beyonce, for your popular congratulatin of Serena. Dang, I need a glass of water after typing that sentence.

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