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Beyonce got the sweetest tiny tattoo to symbolize her three kids.

Beyonce got the sweetest tiny tattoo to symbolize her three kids.


One of the only visions the internet loves more than Beyonce, is any scenario that involves Queen Bey doting on her adorable kids. So, when Beyonce dedicated a new tattoo on Instagram to her precious little ones, a small supernova exploded in the social media milky way.

On Wednesday Beyonce posted an image of her new ink: three vertical dots on her ring finger.

While Bey didn't blatantly post a caption that confirms the dots represent her three kids, fans have taken a leap of interpretation.

Other possible interpretations: Bey could've renewed her Christian faith and gotten a tattoo of the Holy Trinity. Three could be her favorite number. The three dots could symbolize a triangle for the Illuminati. Or maybe she went in planning to get a different tattoo, and the tattoo artist accidentally slipped and gave her this cute tiny tat, like "bloop bloop bloop?!"

While these theories are fun to cook up, it's more likely the dots symbolize her kids.

Can we also talk about how gorgeous her jewelry is?! This is some Cleopatra level gold happening.

If you watch this whole video, you'll also get a peek of Beyonce's three initial rings (B, R, and S) that are explicitly dedicated to her kids.

Somehow she makes being a devoted mom a high-fashion statement. Also, note the Chunky hoop earrings which are a tribute to Bruno Mars.

Also, her whole lineup of earrings is killer. We're here for all of it.

If Beyonce started a jewelry line of customized jewelry for moms wanting to love on their kids, I have a feeling it would take off.

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