If you, too, have been waiting with baited breath for Beyoncé to give birth to the newest members of America's royal family, the wait might soon—or already—be over.

Though there has been no official news about the state of Bey's womb, members of her loyal fan-base on Twitter seem to think that the birth of Bey's twins is imminent. Either that, or it's already happened.

Remember when Lemonade dropped last year and NO ONE saw it coming? If anyone could pull off a secret birth and keep it from the public, it would be Mr. and Mrs. Beyoncé.


So where do these rumors that the Bey Beys have already been born come from? It seems they can be traced back to these three clues:

1) According to E! News, paparazzi spotted "several black Escalade SUVs" leaving Beyoncé and Jay Z's neighborhood on Tuesday.

But maybe they were just going on a day trip?

2) Someone claiming to work at UCLA hospital anonymously submitted a report to The Shade Room that Bey had arrived at the hospital and they were in the process of shutting down an entire floor for her.

We'll take this one with a grain of salt. But WE'LL TAKE IT.

3. Bey's hairdresser posted this Instagram photo on Monday telling her to "hang in there, Mama!"

Hang in there, Mama! 💛 You @Beyonce!!

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Maybe he just meant hang in there" because she's super-pregnant with twins?

WE DON'T KNOW. Though we have noticed she's been noticeably quiet on Instagram for the past two weeks.

The Beyhive is buzzing on Twitter with rumors that the babies either were already born or are currently on their way. These people seem pretty certain:


Others are just getting impatient af. And we can't blame them.

But I guess we'll just have to sit back and let Beyoncé deliver her twins on her own time. In the meantime, we'll TRY to relax. But it's not gonna be easy.