Many people forget this now, but Bette "The Divine Miss M" Midler got her big break performing at the Continental Baths, one of the most famous and well-established gay bathhouses of the 1970s, located beneath New York's Ansonia Hotel. Singing on a piano played by Barry Manilow (who often wore just a towel), "Bathhouse Betty" probably saw more eggplants in the 70s than a horny vegetarian on Tinder. She knows a big dick when she sees one, is what we're getting at here. She did not, however, respond to images of singer Justin Bieber's penis that leaked this week. It takes a lot to impress Bathhouse Betty. So what did get a rise out of her? This tweet from Jeremy Bieber, Justin's father who left the family while his son was quite young:

Sources: h/t Mashable