Billy Corgan—the Smashing Pumpkins frontman who was probably a guy you once respected and kind of liked if you were alive in the 90s and were, like, very suburban—is angry that he can't say the N-word because of damn politically correct college students. 

Said Corgan, who is apparently a libertarian and also 49 despite sounding like a smart but insufferable undergrad in your political science class:

The tactics in the social-justice warrior movement are to stifle and shut down free speech. And I would argue in the world that I live in, which is the bareknuckle world, they're leveraging their position because they don't have power.

It's pretty remarkable that I could say one word right now that would destroy my career. I could use the wrong racial epithet or say the wrong thing to you or look down at the wrong part of your body and be castigated and it's a meme and I'm a horrible person. Every day through the media, through advertising, we see people being degraded, we see people doing all sorts of things that we should be horrified at as a culture. So we've normalized all sorts of things, but we live in a world where one word could destroy your life but it's OK to, if you're a social-justice warrior, spit in somebody's face.

You try to tell someone here who you might argue is taking advantage of our social welfare system or is gaming the system somehow and say, ‘Look, you're telling me America sucks and you're spitting on the flag, try living in one of these third world countries and see how far that gets you. It's always very interesting to me when you see the way gays and lesbians are treated in some other countries in the world. If [American protesters] have that level of vitriol for, let's say, Donald Trump as a candidate – because they feel it's antithetical to what they believe in – where is the five-times greater condemnation for those societies that are treating their people far worse than just ideas and words?

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