Well, it's no surprise that this messy situation is getting uglier. Rob Kardashian and his baby mama/ex Blac Chyna are each accusing the other of domestic abuse, according to TMZ.

His ex-fiancée alleged in a Snap on July 5—in response to him posting nudes of Blac Chyna to his Instagram account—that Kardashian had beat her. Sources close to Chyna, who is in court on today getting a domestic violence restraining order against Kardashian, will add more claims of abuse.

For instance, TMZ reports that Chyna alleges that several months ago, Kardashian hit her, knocked her to the ground, and broke open the bedroom door she was hiding behind. She claims to have pictures and videos of the whole thing.

Snapchat: Blac Chyna

However, the source also said that Kardashian gave his lawyers texts from the day Chyna moved out of their shared home, in which she supposedly tells a friend that Rob would never hit her. So, who knows.

But now Kardashian is saying that Chyna abused him. Sources told TMZ that when Chyna moved out in December, she attempted to choke him with an iPhone cord and also tried to hit him with a metal rod of some sort. The sources claim that at that point, Kris Jenner's boyfriend, Corey Gamble, arrived and pulled Chyna off Kardashian. Then Chyna reportedly smashed a bunch of stuff in the house, including TVs and doors, resulting in $35,000 in damage. According to the sources, Kardashian has surveillance video that shows the whole incident. Hmm.


This is so much drama, and the person who stands the suffer the most in the long run is their little girl, Dream. Maybe when she's older she can "dream" of having different parents (oof, sorry).

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