Bo Bice, who was Carrie Underwood's runner-up on American Idol in 2005, says America "should be ashamed."

The singer has been back in the news after an 11-year hiatus for what he describes as a painful experience picking up some chicken at the Popeyes at Atlanta's Hartfield-Jackson International Airport.​

The fateful incident occurred on December 30th, when after ordering his wings (or legs, or breasts...he doesn't specify), the employees mocked his name, calling him “Bow-Bow,” “Boo-Boo,” and “Bo-Bo.​"


But the real harrowing moment came about when his order was rung up twice, and the group of black employees referred to him as "that white boy over there."

To Bice, a white man, it felt rude to be referred to as a white boy. It's not just the "boy" thing: he says "white boy" is disrespectful.

He called up corporate for an apology, and when it didn't come, he took to social media, as we all do.


My post about the racist behavior at Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen #4625 received over 45,000 reached, 800 likes, 250...

Posted by Bo Bice on Monday, January 2, 2017

“If the tables had been turned and I, as a white male, treated any person of ethnicity any way resembling how she spoke to and treated me, I’d be considered insensitive and racist,” he wrote in his initial post, “Why is it that three or four Popeyes employees can openly mock a courteous PAYING customer in front of an airport terminal of people without any recourse and no apology?”


Bo Bice told Fox 5 Atlanta that he is "not a bigot—I love everybody," even if he called those women "clucking crazy" on Facebook.

Now, remember people, next time you would like someone to play some funky music, just end the title of the song there.