This is Bow Wow, the rapper and actor formerly known as Lil Bow Wow and originally born as Shad Moss.

My hustle is non stop. I never stop hustling. #GUHHATL

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On Tuesday, Mr. Wow was swiftly and brutally called out for an Instagram lie, and it's hard to say if even the "hottest show EVER" can dig him out of this ridiculous hole.


Yep, Bow Wow pretended to fly private when he was really flying commercial.

It's hard to blame him, what with everything going on with airlines the last few weeks—no one wants to be associated with those terrifying sky busses.

But come on.

This is a photo that Mr. Wow posted of a private jet.

"Travel day. NYC press run for Growing Up Hip Hop," he captioned it, apparently charting a private jet to New York to promote his new show (the aforementioned "hottest show EVER").


Bow Wow apparently made an innocent mistake, assuming—quite safely, one would think—that he wouldn't have a single fan on his commercial flight to recognize him and call him out.

But the odds were not with Mr. Wow that day. One of his dozens of fans was in attendance, and he called him out swiftly and savagely.

Although Bow Wow did reportedly defend himself on Instagram by saying the tweet was of "an old picture" used by someone "to say where I was and wasn't," that was about the extent of his defense.


And soon a full blown Twitter investigation was underway.

Does that plane look familiar? It's apparently from a stock photo, featured on a VIP transportation website, and evidently later 'grammed by Bow Wow himself.

So it seems like he deserved this:


And the #BowWowChallenge was born:


Good luck on your return flight, Bow Wow.