The LA County's Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) is extending their investigation of Brad Pitt with new allegations of child abuse, according to In Touch.

The DCFS previously investigated a September 14 incident on the Jolie-Pitt's private jet, in which Pitt, allegedly drunk and in the middle of a fight with wife Angelina Jolie, lashed out physically at their oldest son, Maddox. While conducting interviews, new allegations have arisen that Pitt verbally abused his children on many occasions. Great, just when you thought the whole divorce couldn't get sadder.

A source told TMZ that some of the Jolie-Pitt's six children have been "fearful" around Brad. ​(Maddox reportedly refused to reunite with his father during a planned visit with his siblings.) In Touch's source claims, "The investigation was not closed on schedule for a reason. The DCFS investigation is now going to continue for at least several more weeks."


A second insider told In Touch,

Now DCFS is interviewing many people to determine if they are witnesses to any improper behavior by Brad as well as searching for oth­ers who have knowledge of his ac­tions. That includes nannies, house­hold staff members and more. The fact that the investigation was extended is an in­dication of how serious this is.

In Touch says this means the entire family (the kids and both Jolie and Pitt) will have to be interviewed by social workers yet again. It's been a rough time for this family.