Conspiracy theory: Were Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie just waiting for Jared Fogle to leave Subway so they could eat there again?

Do Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have dirt on Jared Fogle? Like, is there some sort of secret site for Hollywood Insiders that shares secrets about other Hollywood Insiders? (Don't try to tell me Jared Fogle isn't a Hollywood Insider; I saw him at the premiere party for Muppets Most Wanted. No, really.)

HOLD UP: I'm not trying to say that Brad and Angelina knew about a Fogle-child porn connection — remember, he's still just a suspect, not a definitely guilty guy. But maybe Brangelina had some other reason to dislike him that made them say "Man, I really like Subway sandwiches, but I will never eat one while that Jared fella is associated with the company!" Perhaps Jared told Brad at a Hollywood Insider Movie Premiere, "Hey, you were better with Jennifer Anniston," and Angelina was never able to let it go.

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