By now you've probably seen Kylie Jenner's viral bathroom selfie from this weekend's Met Gala.

annual bathroom selfie

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There's a lot of star power in that photo, but no one is shining quite so brightly as actress Brie Larson, who you can see in the far right corner, making the greatest surprised/confused face of all time.


Larson revealed on Twitter that what she thought would be a regular old trip to the restroom turned out to be at the same time that Kylie Jenner was taking her Met Gala group selfie. Somehow, Larson ended up in the photo. And it's hilarious.

Not sure if Brie decided to hop into the selfie when she realized what was happening, or if she was just trying to check her makeup in the mirror and got caught in the commotion, but either way, "Brie Larson accidentally stumbling into Kylie Jenner's Instagram feed" is one of our new favorite memes.

Sources: Hello Giggles