In Las Vegas on Sunday, a strap on Britney Spears' top came loose, heralding the familiar rush of dancers to her side like little elves fixing a bell on Santa's sleigh.

At this point, wardrobe malfunctions are just another function of Britney Spears' wardrobe. She's over it. She's been having these episodes throughout her Vegas residency.

As they offered their busy little hands to tie her back together and eventually give her another shirt, Spears just keeps performing. Just like she did last year.


Like, look at this exact same issue from 2015.

Get the woman some sturdier clothes.

At the same time, it seems like her dancers are getting faster and more frantic to please their leader. This is probably Britney's way of thinning the herd.

Raise your hand if you'd watch a reality show where the slowest dancer to fix a Britney Spears wardrobe malfunction gets banned from Las Vegas.