On Saturday night, DJ and famous Taylor Swift ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris attended Jennifer Lopez's birthday party in Los Angeles, where he was photographed hanging out with his ex's mortal enemy, Kim Kardashian. It's pretty clear which side of that whole situation he's on (hint: not Taylor's).

#vegasnights happy bday @jlo #southbronx @kimkardashian #turnuptime 🎉🎉 #mc4

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The picture, posted by rapper French Montana's Instagram account, shows Calvin Harris, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and French Montana all posing together, so it's not even like Harris just happened to be at the party and maybe was chatting with Kardashian—he posed with her, proudly, in a photograph. That's just about the biggest "screw you" any foe of Swift could pull, aside from actually making out with Kim and Kanye at the same time while wearing a T-shirt reading "I hate Taylor Swift" (which he may have been wearing underneath that button-up; can't know for sure).