How do I break it to impressionable teen Camila Cabello that she is getting her dating advice from the last person she should consult when it comes to love? Yes, you have guessed it, the ex-Fifth Harmony singer has somehow fallen prey to Taylor Swift. In a recent interview with The Sun U.K., Cabello discussed her relationship with the pop diva known for collecting gal pals and going through men like toilet paper.

"We talk about love a lot," Cabello said. "And if I ever have any questions about love or if there's anything that I'm going through at the time, whether it's with a boy or with a friend, she's a very good person to ask those kind of questions." My sweet Camila! No! Haven't you noticed that all of Swift's best songs are about breakups or revenge on friends who turned their backs on her?


I feel like a protective mom who can see my daughter falling in with the catty popular crowd that seems glamorous but will only wreck my sensitive child's self-esteem. And Camila, as your mother, I want you to know that you can talk to me about anything, boys, sex stuff, your solo career...whatever you want.

Cabello's reasoning for turning to Swift for dating advice comes from what I guess you could call Swift's experience in that arena. "She's very knowledgeable about that stuff," Cabellos said. Well, knowledgeable can mean a lot of things I suppose. She does know what it's like to date and break up with a lot of men, and then right chart-topping songs about it. Good luck out there, Camila. Rooting for you.

Sources: The Sun U.K.