The grief of the many outweighs the value of a Loon.

Canadians—the cold, unfeeling ice beings native to far North America (jk, they're totally not native)— did something touchingly illogical this weekend to remember the late actor, photographer and nerd ambassador Leonard Nimoy. As it turns out, Nimoy and his most famous character, the Vulcan Mr. Spock, bear a passing resemblance to Sir Wilfrid Laurier, a past Prime Minister of Canada. Sir Laurier's mug adorns the $5 bill in Canada, where it has sat for years generally doing nothing useful.

"Hello, I'm Sir Wilfrid Laurier and I'd like to talk to you about boredom."


Nothing useful, that is, except for buying goods and services and for being turned into Spock, which became somewhat of a Canadian pastime.

Very nice hair-work, here. Great shine.
(via Spocking Fives on Facebook)

Someone neck-pinch me, I must be dreaming. Wait, that will just put me to sleep again. (via)

The 80s-era turtlenecks were the best. Not the best-looking, but the most functional. (via)

Even very old fives got into the act. This bill is from the same year as the Nimoy-directed Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. (via)

Defacing? More like up-facing. Like his face is a step up. Can I get a Vulcan high five? No? (via)


This all raises the question of why we can't just have cool people on money. (via)

It's the thought, and how logical it is, that counts. (via)

Captain, I believe I'm being used for a primitive 20th century stored value system. (via)

There was a big upswing in Spocking fivers this weekend following Nimoy's passing, but it actually was originally a trend that existed steadily for quite some time due to the old $5 bill portrait being pretty perfect for that purpose. And also for Snaping.




But in 2013, the wily Canadian Government began printing bills woven out of a plastic polymer, which makes writing on them harder. Also, they changed Laurier's face to a less mockable and Spockable version. Not that it was going to stop anyone who really cared.

"Look at how much raw human emotion is pouring from my Canadian face." (via)

Face in a thing? Fascinating. (via)

Live long and be prosperous enough that you can destroy $5 to honor Leonard Nimoy.

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