If you think working as Carrie Fisher's ​assistant would have been the best job ever in the history of jobs, you are right. According to this tribute posted on Facebook by the late actress' former assistant, Byron Lane, she was even more awesome than we all thought.

This is a fantastic tribute, complete with goofy pics, that will make you fall in love with Carrie Fisher, and mourn her death, all over again.

Her nicknames for me were Byronius and Cock Ring. She once got a text alert from saying the northern lights...

Posted by Byron Lane on Tuesday, December 27, 2016

"We rode dog sleds in Canada, swam hot springs in Japan, pet koalas in Australia," he wrote. "That's how she lived. Extraordinary. Brilliant. Hilarious. And generous!"


I could've told you that. But it's reassuring to hear it from someone who not only knew her, but worked for her for three years.

Fisher also was known for being real and no-bullshit, which Lane confirms. "She was exactly the same in private as in public," he wrote. "Authentic. Honest. Real." He also said that she "embodied aliveness," which is perfect.

The Star Wars actress passed away on Tuesday at the age of 60, breaking approximately a bajillion hearts. But thank you to Cock Ring for sharing these sweet memories with us. Even if we never got to meet her or pet a koala with her, we are all So! Lucky! to have known her from afar.