Sure, there's no actual 'wrong' way to eat food, but you're going to look like a goofball if you chow down the way these culinarily-challenged celebrities do. Even with all the high-end nutritionists and dietitians they presumably have on their payroll, stars like Michael Buble were never given the memo on how to eat corn without looking like a bona fide dinner-table-dunce.

1. 'The Corn Incident' written and performed by Michael Buble.


2. It takes Kourtney Kardashian 6 steps to eat just one section of a Kit-Kat bar.

3. Selena Gomez sometimes enjoys a nice glass of olive oil.

Gomez told the Associated Press:

This may sound gross, but sometimes I drink a little bit of olive oil. It tastes terrible but it coats your throat, so it's really good for your vocal chords.

Below is Selena Gomez mistaking Taylor Swift for a large bottle of olive oil.


4. Oscar Isaac uses chopsticks to eat Cheetos.

5. Bella Thorne eats lemons like oranges.

6. Simply too many politicians eat pizza with a fork.


Just like Nixon (probably) did.

7. Guy Fieri eats everything wrong—while talking.

Eating Guy Fieri-approved food is wrong in any capacity, let alone broadcasting a messy struggle with a giant hoagie to the entire country.