Celebrities say the darnedest things about Donald Trump.

Celebrities say the darnedest things about Donald Trump.

Oh, celebrities, what will you say next? We can always count on celebs to be entertaining; after all, that's what they do best. Their words may not always be particularly well thought out, but they're certain to keep talking, just as long as we continue to care about the answers. Here are seven celebrities on why they like Donald Trump for President.

1. Tila Tequila, 34

WHO: Reality show star and all-around Twitter punchline Tila Tequila thought Trump was just a puppet until she looked within herself and realized that just like her, he was anti-vaccinations.

SAID: "I am a huge Donald Trump supporter and so should you."

2. Ted "The Nuge" Nugent, 67

WHO: The guitar player known for his supergroup Damn Yankees as well as his solo hits, "Cat Scratch Fever" and "NRA Gun Fever" wanted to make sure no one confused his support with an endorsement, telling Newsweek in April: "Be sure you differentiate between 'support' and 'endorse,' for I do support Trump but at this time do not endorse him."


SAID: "Know it, Donald Trump is the hellraiser America has needed for a very longtime. He & Ted Cruz may be the only hope to end the criminal jihad on America by our own corrupt punkass government, media & bigBiz goons."

Know it, Donald Trump is the hellraiser America has needed for a very longtime. He & Ted Cruz may be the only hope to...

Posted by Ted Nugent on Wednesday, December 16, 2015


3. Loretta Lynn, 84

Throwing it back to Loretta on #FallonTonight! Who remembers this performance? #TBT

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WHO: Famous country singer and Coal Miner's Daughter, Loretta Lynn is apparently looking forward to this country going backwards, because the best politicians are the ones that look toward the past, not the future.

SAID: "I just think he's the only one who's going to turn this country around."

4. Dennis Rodman, 55


WHO: North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un's soulmate and one-time husband to both Carmen Electra and himself, Dennis Rodman is a former NBA player who apparently wants to see America fail like at least 15 of Trump's businesses did.

SAID: "@realDonaldTrump has been a great friend for many years. We don't need another politician, we need a businessman like Mr. Trump! Trump 2016"

5. Willie Robertson, 44

Don't worry guys, he will be back soon.

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WHO: Duck Dynasty star and beard enthusiast Willie Robertson's opinion is clearly well-researched.

SAID: "I do like me some Trump, I gotta admit. Here's the deal: We're both successful businessmen. We both have pretty big shows on television. We both have wives that are 1,000 times better looking than us. So I do like Trump."

6. Jon Voight, 77

WHO: The actor (and father of Angelina Jolie) wants a candidate who can best be described as "colorful," just like what people call their grandparents when they don't want to say "racist."


SAID: "Donald is funny, playful, and colorful, but most of all he is honest."

7. Aaron Carter, 28

WHO: Carter, who had the foresight to be born as the brother of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, had a lot of information but not enough to foresee rescinding his endorsement two months after giving his support. The quote below if from the time he wanted to make America great again.

SAID: "I deal with things like, people who are slandering, defaming me for supporting somebody, but you're doing the exact same thing to me that you're having a problem with him in the first place. I'm too intelligent for you guys—like people, who don't understand politics. I have a lot more information than I've given out."