11 times celebrities failed to look relatable while posting pics from their private planes.

11 times celebrities failed to look relatable while posting pics from their private planes.

Stars, they're just like us. Taking private jets, making outrageous demands of their servants, and steaming their vaginas; you know, the typical Tuesday stuff we all do. Here are 11 times celebrities totally failed at trying to be "one of us" while photographing themselves on a private jet. Let their awkwardness comfort you next time you're stuck in coach wedged between a crying baby and a smelly guy with his shoes off.

1. Wait, you don't dress up like Jessica Rabbit for all of your flights like Mariah Carey?

✨Thank You Zetta jet for taking such good care of me! Off to Helsinki ✈️

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2. If only eating fried chicken with a knife and fork was the most offensive thing about Donald Trump.

3. Maybe don't get ideas on how to be relatable from the Kardashians?

Yummmmm!! I couldn't wait!!! Popeyes on the PJ!!! Cheat day but it's so worth it!!!

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4. Jamie Foxx is just rubbing it in our faces that he doesn't have to wait in a packed sweaty line to deplane.

#teamnosleep fresh outta Vegas to Miami

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5. Lady Gaga matches her clothes to her plane. If we tried that, we'd be wearing a blue rug covered in barf and disappointment.

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6. Don't you just hate it when the captain gives you that "stop taking professional photographs, we have a flight schedule to maintain" face?

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7. Next time you lose the feeling in your legs on an overcrowded flight, just think of this picture of Justin Bieber and die a little inside.

8. Can you imagine the dirty looks you'd get if you tried to take a selfie with your feet on a commercial flight? Ricky Martin can't.

Another flight ✈️Otro vuelo! 😱😜😎#feetselfie

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9. We'd make fun of Kim Kardashian's clothes, but at least she's wearing some and we want to encourage that.

Cannes! 🇫🇷

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9. Oprah wants us to think she travels with a basket of farm fresh veggies, but we all know the overhead bin is stuffed full of bread. BREAD FOR EVERYONE!!!

Flying to sweet home Chicago with Sadie and yesterday's Harvest!

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11. The Rock's baby's dirty diaper has seen more luxury than most of us ever will.

Stars: They're