Usually, when a celebrity wants to try singing, it turns into an all out disaster (sorry, Lindsay Lohan). However, there are those rare exceptions when celebrities open their mouths to sing and little angels practically fly out. Here is a list of fourteen celebrities who have surprising good singing voices for you to tear apart in the comment section of this article. 

1. Michael Cera

Michael Cera can sing more than just These Eyes. Even though he's usually seen mumbling on screen, his vocals aren't half bad. He independently released an album entitled "True That" in 2014. And it's as folksy and charming as you would expect. He's also got a formidable Spotify catalogue:


2. Chris Pine

Some guys have all the luck. Not only does Chris Pine look like a Disney Prince, he sings like one, too. He could sing the phonebook to you and make it entertaining. Not too far off from that, here he is singing school closings on Jimmy Kimmel Live! earlier this year

His vocals were also featured in Into the Woods, a musical movie.


A Star Trek Into Music.

3. Emilia Clark

Khaleesi's vocal abilities will make you want to say "Yaaaassss Queen!" Maybe the Game of Thrones writers can put in a song and dance number for Daenerys Targaryen on the show? Her vocals were briefly featured in the 2013 Broadway revival of Breakfast at Tiffany's.


4. Stephen Colbert (with some help from John Cryer)

Stephen Colbert tackled the complex music of Stephen Sondheim for this production of Company that sold out at the New York Philharmonic in 2011. Colbert put on a more serious face and a red turtleneck for the role of Harry. A whole bunch of other famous people who sing were also featured, including John Cryer.

The show starred Neil Patrick Harris, who you probably already know likes to sing, as well as Mad Men's Christina Hendricks.


5. Tom Hiddleston

The very British Tom Hiddleston played the very American singer/songwriter Hank Williams in the film I Saw the Light and got to do a lot singing because of it. This video, which was taken at the I Saw the Light premiere after party, shows how much country twang Hiddleston can pull of while singing. He also plays the guitar. No matter your sexual orientation, you may swoon after watching the video


He also picked up some yodeling skills while preparing for the role.

6. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence sang the song "The Hanging Tree" for her film Mockingjay, and did a pretty killer job. Lawrence's singing voice is not too far off from her speaking voice—low and a little bit husky, and it worked perfectly for the somber song. She sold it so well that no one even caught on that she was absolutely terrified to sing in front of people


The actress even said she broke down in tears before singing in public. She still hasn't heard herself sing the song, and claims that she plugged her ears for that part of the film.

7. Seth MacFarlane

It is hard to imagine that the same man who voices Stewie and Peter Griffin can use his pipes to make beautiful music. Seth MacFarlane is a true crooner, and when he isn't making wildly popular cartoons for adults, he is doing other things like being nominated for Grammys


He also has a solo album, No One Ever Tells You, that did not take home the Grammy this year, but is definitely worth a listen. Close your eyes and pretend you are listening to Sinatra. Then close your eyes and pretend that you're listening to Sinatra saying "Giggity giggity giggity."

8. Kate Winslet


Back in 2001, Kate Winslet lent her voice to an animated version of The Christmas Carol, and then also recorded a song for the movie called "What If." The song even made it to the #1 on the charts in Austria, Ireland and Belguim. Winslet has not recorded any music since.

9. Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis is mostly known for blowing up stuff in action movies, but his voice is really what is "fire." Nice. Willis also plays the harmonica, essentially making him a one man band. If he wasn't so busy making Die Hard movies all the time, maybe he could have launched a successful music career. 


10. Jada Pinkett Smith

Wife. Mother. Front-woman of a rock band for fourteen years. Jada Pinkett Smith has been providing rock and roll vocals for her band Wicked Wisdom since 2002. She has even opened for Britney Spears, performed at Ozzfest, and toured with the heavy metal band Sevendust. Although the band hasn't put out new music in the past few years, they still have an active Facebook page.

11. Ryan Gosling 

Here is an obligatory video of Ryan Gosling singing as a child.


Gosling got his start on The Mickey Mouse Club (alongside Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera), but has stuck mostly to movies since then. However, he did have indie rock band called "Dead Man's Bones" that was active from around 2008-2011. The band is made up of Gosling and Zach Shields, and their 2009 album also featured the Silverlake Conservatory Children's Choir.


12. Kerry Washington 

When Jordan Sparks suggested a duet to Kerry Washington, she clearly had no idea that the Scandal star could do more than just hold her own next to the former American Idol contestant. The look on Jordan's face when Washington sings the first line is absolutely priceless.

13. Tom Felton

Tom Felton, who played the blonde nightmare known as Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter, shows off his softer side by singing and playing the guitar in these grainy, sepia-toned videos uploaded to YouTube. It is nice to pretend that when Malfoy was not busy terrorizing Harry Potter, he was in his dormitory learning how to play guitar.


14. Hugh Laurie

Sometimes it is hard to separate Hugh Laurie from his well-known character Doctor House, but you know the cranky doctor would never be caught dead singing. Sans limp and grumpy attitude, this Brit really loves to sing. He even made a couple of albums and went out on tour.