10 times celebrities got hacked and sh*t got weird.

10 times celebrities got hacked and sh*t got weird.

In 2017 everyone is talking about how hackers allegedly rigged the U.S. presidential elections which led to Donald Trump getting elected, and now fidget spinners are thing. But let's not let all this talk of alleged Russian hackers overshadow internet hackers' greatest purpose on this planet: taking over famous people's social media accounts and posting a bunch of weird, embarrassing shit.

Here are 10 celebrities whose social media accounts were (probably) hacked by real, live hackers who made things super-weird for everyone:

1. Britney Spears worshipped the devil for a day.

Oops! The hackers did it again. In 2010, they played with Britney Spears' heart Twitter log-in and tweeted like she was a devil worshipper:

If only there were a way for Britney to blame these hackers for everything that happened in 2006.

2. Selena Gomez told us how she really feels about Justin Bieber.

In January of 2011, something weird happened with Selena Gomez' Twitter account.


The statement may be plausible, but something about the tone clued in her followers that this wasn't the work of Selena.

The hacker also tweeted: "THE KID ON 4CHAN.ORG IS A LIEN F--KER HE DIDN'T HACK S--T!!!!" and "This message is for puha, YOU SUCK BITCH!!!" This hacker seems to be dealing with some anger issues.

3. Niall Horan was "hacked" by someone with a close view of his bum.

Sometimes celebrities get hacked (see above). And sometimes celebrities use "I got hacked" as a convenient excuse for bad decisions. This example may or may not fall under the latter category.

In 2016, One Direction member Niall Horan tweeted this:


Have a massive spot on my arse. Wondering should I squeeze it. What do ye think?

Props for honesty, but did he suddenly forget he's really, really famous? According to the singer, he was "hacked" by someone with a decent sense of humor.

The tweet was quickly deleted and Nial followed up with: "OK I don't know what happened with that last tweet." He later tweeted at a fan: "I got hacked again." Nial, we see you. And BTW, yes, you should've squeezed it.

4. "The Game" came out of the closet.

Six years ago, rapper "The Game" started posting some vicious, and filthy, tweets, going after rappers like 50 Cent and Lil' Bow Wow. Then he suddenly announced: "I like boys" and "I'm gay as hell."


The Game coming out as gay would be exciting and groundbreaking news for the hip hop community if true. But it turns out this was (reportedly) the work of a homophobic hacker. Or possibly a gay hacker just expressing his feelings? Either way The Game, sadly, is straight. As far as we know.

5. John Legend insulted Cheetos™.

This past February, John Legend was hacked by someone who hated the president a whole lot, which hardly narrows things down.

Here's what "John Legend" tweeted:


Then the hackers came for Hillary Clinton, though it's unclear how they feel about her... politically.


And then:

We like to party, hacking with Molly

"My twitter has been hacked. Will handle asap," the singer wrote on Instagram at the time. "My hacker is vulgar but kinda hilarious." (Was this hacker.... Chrissy Teigen by any chance?)

He then clarified he would never "threaten violence" to Donald Trump, and gave a hilarious explanation for why he would never call the President a "Cheeto":



6. Lady Gaga became the Oprah of Twitter for a day.

And you get an iPad! And you get an iPad! And YOU ALL GET IPADS!!!! At least that's what was promised to Lady Gaga's millions of Twitter followers when she was hacked in 2011. But it was all a web of lies.

Nobody got an iPad.

Gaga was so pissed, she threatened to "call the apostles" which may or may not have been a joke.


7. Ashton Kutcher got punk'd.

Back in 2011 (big year for hackers!), Ashton Kutcher got hacked by a hacker who wanted to spread an important message about hacking so other people don't get hacked. Seems like this hacker really cares!


Now everyone go Google "SSL" and secure your accounts. Just like the nice hacker told us too.


8. Ja Rule's hacker had a meltdown about Ja Rule's career.

In 2010, Ja Rule was having a bad year. First, he was sentenced to two years in prison for gun possession. Then, his Twitter account was taken over by someone with a lot of regret about Ja Rule's career and life choices.

First the hacker tweeted at rapper 50 Cent: "@50cent, Listen man, I was thinking, I'm sorry I slapped you, I wanna apologize for everything."

That's kind of sweet. But then the hacker started lamenting Ja Rule's career and unverified Twitter account.

"@50cent man why you had to go in on my career like that tho? You f---ed my money up, I get it, you're smarter, better rapper ... " the hacker tweeted. They continued: "I been trying to get verified for a year and when I said Ja Rule n---a they said 'Who?,' I wish @50cent would just call me."


This went on for a while:


Fortunately, Ja Rule's Twitter account is now verified!!!! So we can all relax. Especially this hacker.

9. Lea Michele announced her pregnancy then took it back.

"Before this gets out to the media, I would like to announce to my fans that I am pregnant," read a tweet from Glee actress Lea Michele in July 2014. Her hackers were so committed, they even gave her (fake) baby a (fake) gender!

Hypothetically, a very weird way to announce a pregnancy.

The actress later tweeted this explanation: "I was HACKED! Guess @chriscolfer and I should have known better then to make our passwords the names of our cats."

BRB changing all my passwords.

10. Donald Trump quoted Lil' Wayne and it was far from his weirdest tweet.

Donald Trump's tweets are so freaking nonsensical and hacker-y, it would be hard to tell if he had actually been hacked or if he was just being himself. And that's what happened in 2013 when Trump tweeted this:


"These hoes think they classy, well that's the class I'm skippen" read the tweet. This is actually a quote from a Lil' Wayne rap song. But it's also a meaningless sentence that could accurately sum up Trump's real views on women.

Sadly, Trump's Lil Wayne phase ended too soon. The next tweet from Trump threatened to find the "perpetrators" of the hack:


LOL "find the perpetrators"! Very funny, hackers! Kidding, of course. This last one is a real tweet from the man who would later become president. Either that, or Trump has been hacked this whole time which, sadly, is probably not true.