Celebrities mourn the death of rock legend Tom Petty.

Celebrities mourn the death of rock legend Tom Petty.

Sadly, it's official—rock legend Tom Petty is dead at the age of 66. On Monday, unconfirmed reports came out that Petty was dead, only be changed later to not dead, "but clinging to life."

His daughter, who posted a scathing Instagram directed at Rolling Stone yesterday when they ran a story of Petty's death before he was even dead, posted an Instagram on Monday night confirming her father's death. The family also made a statement on Twitter, saying Petty's death was caused by heart failure.


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People everywhere are mourning the loss of Tom Petty, who just finished a long tour September 25 at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. Celebrities (mostly musicians) took to Twitter to express their sadness and send their condolences to Petty's family.

1. Mick Jagger

2. John Mayer


3. Peter Frampton

4. Paul McCartney

5. Stephen King

6. Lin-Manuel Miranda


7. Ezra Koenig

8. Juliette Lewis

9. Josh Groban

10. Paul Stanley


11. Sheryl Crow

12. Steve Van Zandt

13. Meat Loaf

RIP Tom Petty. You will be sorely missed but not forgotten.