11 pregnant celebrities who turned their unborn children into fashion opportunities.

11 pregnant celebrities who turned their unborn children into fashion opportunities.

Anyone who has read the literature on pregnancy—Chrissy Teigen's hilarious preg tweets and Kim Kardashian's surprisingly candid essay—knows that everyone has their own unique pre-baby experience. Pregnancy can be a magical time. Or a stressful time. Or a barfing time. Or a chance to make people jealous of your on-point maternity style. Here are 11 celebs who somehow used their time with a baby literally setting up camp inside their bodies as an opportunity to look really, really cool.

1. Rachel Bilson

Last year, the pregnant actress and former O.C. star pulled off 90s-style loose black overalls while also nurturing a life in her womb.

2. Molly Sims

Model Molly Sims paired a badass leather jacket with growing a human being inside her stomach. 

3. Rose Byrne


Byrne, who's currently preparing a child to be alive in the world, went full-on grunge last month in a plaid dress.

4. Drew Barrymore

In 2014, while protecting her yet-to-be-born daughter with her body's natural abilities, the actress dressed in a super casual flower sweatshirt to sing a duet with Adam Sandler on The Tonight Show.


5. Chrissy Teigen

Somebody is early to the party 😩😩😩

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The model wore a slinky black dress and fuzzy jacket in this photo from two weeks ago that got such nosy responses she vowed to (but thankfully didn't actually) stop "preg tweeting."

6. Olivia Wilde


Last spring, the actress wore a quirky sweater featuring a classic glasses-and-mustache disguise, but astute viewers will notice there's definitely a growing person under there.

7. Blake Lively


In 2014 Lively rocked a memorable skintight lemon gown that accentuated the literal baby inside of her stomach.

9. Zoe Saldana



The actress went for loose, bright fabrics while stewing (as doctors say) twins last year.

10. Kelly Clarkson

Always love playing in my home town - Thank you Dallas! #PieceByPieceTour

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The singer was on tour wearing her sparkly show outfits night after night this summer while secretly many weeks preggo, until she finally announced the news in the middle of a song.


10. Scarlett Johansson

Johansson, a pregnant actress overalls contemporary of Rachel Bilson, wore fashion maternity dungarees (that probably cost a ton of money and are softer than pillows) in summer 2014.

11. Kim Kardashian


Wearing Yeezy Season2 leggings, bodysuit, coat and heels! North matching mommy in custom baby Yeezy

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Kim K. has been refreshingly upfront about how much she hates being pregnant, but she remains the undisputed international leader of wearing hot outfits while carrying around a baby in her bod.