Yesterday in honor of Throwback Thursday, the day when we all get to be reminded that we used to be even more awkward than we are now, Complex magazine shared a treasure trove of celebrity yearbook photos on Twitter.

These are absolute gems, mainly because they remind us that everyone goes through an awkward phase. Yes, even Kanye West (who may technically still be in one). Everyone except for Snoop Dogg, who looked suave as hell even in high school. Obv.

Here's what 15 mega-stars looked like before they could afford stylists, luxury brands and personal trainers, when they were just a bunch of awkward nobodies, just like us!!!


1. The Rock

2. Kim Kardashian

3. Mary Kate and Ashley Olson (have not changed at all?)

4. Lindsay Lohan


Ugh, we miss young Linds.

5. Britney Spears

6. Drake used to call you on your landline:

7. Denzel Washington

8. Kanye West


9. Donald Glover

10. Brad Pitt

11. Snoop Dogg was always Snoop Dogg

12. Ice Cube was so extra


13. J. Cole was probably not in high school when this was taken:

14. Slim Shady when he was slim, less shady:

And now Twitter is sharing their own celebrity throwback pics, like this iconic photo of a young Morgan Freeman:


Sigh... they grow up so fast.