Election Day 2016 (or as history might remember it depending on who wins, the apocalypse) is almost here. But early voting in many states has allowed around 6 million Americans to get out to the polls already, including a lot of famous Americans. Psh. Over achievers. Here are 14 celebs who have already done their civic duty (and didn't accidentally break the law in the process, unlike SOME PEOPLE. Ahem, Justin Timberlake.)

1. Jessica Biel

2. Eva Longoria


3. Jenna Fischer

4. Drew Barrymore

5. Ian Somerhalder

6. Lauren Conrad


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7. Christian Slater

8. Mario Lopez

9. January Jones

10. Ludacris

The couple that votes together.....

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11. Kelly Clarkson

12. Blake Lively

13. Brie Larson

14. Shonda Rhimes