Channing Tatum and his wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum have been together ever since they fell in love on the set of Step Up ten years ago. (Ah, Step Up, the choice viewing for every mid-2000s slumber party.) We already know they love gushing about each other on social media, so obviously, when Jenna celebrated her 36th birthday over the weekend, Channing made sure to give her an Instagram tribute worthy of a queen.

It's pretty sweet. Almost too sweet. Not sure if you still believe in love? You will when you see these two.


He captioned the photo:

I'm not sure if this woman is my Rainbow or my pot of gold but I'm lucky either way happy birthday cake baby!

Ugh. I want to hate it, but it's too adorable. Two (extremely attractive) people in love. Using rainbow metaphors to describe their love. My cold grinchy heart has been warmed.

Jenna later posted an Instagram to thank everyone who had wished her a happy birthday.


She wrote:

Kisses for all of you!! THANK YOU for my happy birthday wishes!!!! I can't possibly thank you all individually, but please know I love you all and words can't explain how grateful I am for your love and support always

We're sure Channing got his kiss in person.