When someone as amazing as Carrie Fisher dies, there's some comfort in hearing fond memories from the people that knew her best

Carrie's long-time friend, actor Peter Mayhew, best known for his role as Chewbacca, gave the public some much-needed insight and shared his feelings about Carrie Fisher on Page Six.


After explaining why every fan who met Carrie ended up covered in glitter, Mayhew shared this great memory from his time with her filming Star Wars.

When we were working, she was constantly surrounded by three men — me, Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill.

And you know what? She was just one of the guys.

Carrie could say and do things with us that were just hilarious.

I remember once — when it was very hot one season — someone went out and got some squirt guns and brought them on set to cool us off.

Picture this: Carrie was floating around in her costume with a squirt gun — a big one — soaking Harrison, Mark and everyone else that got in her way.

It was a hell of sight. We had to take it away from her.


What a great image. A squirt gun fight definitely justifies running around in a gold bikini all day.

Read his full sentiment here.