On Sunday, Brooklyn Beckham (of the Posh Spice Beckhams) posted a picture of himself with actress/model/future small mermaid Chloë Grace Moretz, leading many to speculate that rumors of the two dating are true. Although the 'gram has no caption, it has all the telltale signs of a true relationship: Beckham's arm is around Moretz, she's leaning her head on him, and, uh...there's a cable. And a mirror. And everybody knows that people who are in true love own both cables and mirrors!

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So are they really dating? Probably. But as far as many people are concerned, an Instagram of the two of them together means DEFINITELY YES. Although by that broad logic, that would also mean that Justin Bieber is dating these two men and a giant table: 


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Wishing you all the happiness, Biebs. But which one do you take to the Grammys??