On Sunday night, Chris Brown followed 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick's lead by reportedly sitting down during the the national anthem before a charity basketball game in which he was playing.

Refusing to stand for the anthem would probably have been more effective as a political statement if he could somehow not be Chris Brown while doing it.

R&B singer Tank, who performed the national anthem Sunday, said before the song:

I understand everybody's exercising their right to stand or to sit, and exercising their right to freedom and justice, but in the wake of 9/11, please understand and respect the fact that real men and women and children lost their lives for this very thing that we're able to stand for today, for this very place that we're in, for this interaction, for this moment, so if you don't mind, I'm gonna sing, I'ma lead, 'cause all y'all can't sing, but I'd love it if everybody in this building could sing along with me.