There are few visions the world loves more than a smoldering shot of Captain America standing triumphantly in the wind. And yet, a recent report from Mashable tapped into the rare image the internet loves more than sexy Captain America, and that is Chris Evans reuniting with his dog.

On Sunday, Evans posted a video with his true love Dodger, after the pair spent a lengthy 10 weeks apart.

Back in July, Evans unintentionally confused a large portion of the internet when he posted a cryptic tweet about missing Dodger.


Many assumed the dog was dead. Particularly, because the photo he chose was so tender and peaceful, much like the sweet embrace of death.

Evans made sure to dispel the myth of Dodger's death.

He was a little too late with the follow-up tweet, since Seth Rogen was already busy weeping.


I can only assume he was wearing a black veil while writing this tweet.

In fact, quite a few followers playfully lambasted Evans for the confusion.

Needless to say, the hypothetical death of Dodger made people even more happy to see the two reunite.


Much of the summer was spent counting down the days, weeks, and months until Evans could return to his love.

This serves as a testament to the difficulties of long distance relationships.

Skype sessions can't replace petting your dog IRL.


After a summer of waiting, the two loves can rest safely back in each other's arms.

Now we know not only are dogs a man's best friend, but dogs are Captain America's best friend. That is, besides the sweet taste of justice.

Sources: Mashable