Imgur user coolmcdude has made a startling revelation about Captain America himself, Matt Salinger Chris Evans. Apparently, Evans has a strange and unsettling habit of clutching his own perfectly-formed left pectoral muscle every time some funny joke makes him roll with laughter during a press event.

If you find this phenomenon too hard to believe, coolmcdude provided 11 gifs to prove the point. The evidence is incontrovertible.

Chris Evans laughing and touching his left pec

What does this mean? Is it just a quirk? After all, Evans is adorably quirky in addition to being an Adonis.


Or is the explanation more sinister? Is he actually an android created by the robot uprising to lull humans into submission with physical beauty? Is this an artifact of the algorithm used to simulate his biological mannerisms?

Whatever the answer may be, it's unlikely to become clear any time soon. So don't let it affect your enjoyment of Captain America: Civil War, coming soon to a theater near you.