This could have easily veered into total-dick territory, but the ever-likable Pratt tiptoes across a minefield in this Facebook post.

Apologies if you tried to click on this screenshot. Full text and link to the FB post below.

Chris Pratt has a reputation for being an all-around good guy. He and Captain America (Chris Evans) had a well-publicized on the Super Bowl over who would dress up in their Marvel costume (Pratt was Star Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy) and visit children's hospitals. I don't even remember who won, because they both ended up doing it together. He's also got Amy Poehler's long-standing seal of approval after his many seasons on Parks and Recreation. Those are the kind of bona fides that come in handy if you want to go on Facebook and poke fun at sensitive people for being so darn sensitive. We all know that Pratt is a good guy, and we all know that, even if we generally agree with them, there are some very sensitive folks out there who have gotten good at using social media to whip up outrage firestorms. So good that much like Pratt, I don't think I've been anything less than fantastically vague in this entire writeup. I refuse to apologize for anything, though. That's not true, I'll cave instantly on anything. What did I do? I'm so sorry.

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