While visiting a children's hospital, the actor showed everyone what 'Prattkeeping' is all about.

Stand down, kids! (via Facebook)

This just goes to show: you can't out-Pratt a Pratt. However charming you try to be, he'll one-up you. It's the competitive likability that's made him a star.

If you haven't been keeping up on your Pratt Trends, here's the skinny: ever since Jurassic World came out, people have been creating viral recreations of the scene where his character subdues three vicious velociraptors using nothing but his dino whisperer skills.

It's called Prattkeeping, and it's particularly popular among zookeepers. The version with walruses is a particular standout. This picture above, however, is the new gold standard.

Sources: Hollywood Life | Our Lady of the Lake Children's Hospital