Eating right is hard, even for super fit celebrities who play superheroes and dinosaur-wranglers in movies.

Chris Pratt has been training for his role in the upcoming Jurassic World sequel, and part of that is maintaining a super healthy diet. In his latest installment of his beloved Instagram video series, #WhatsMySnack, Pratt showed off his healthy cucumber and egg wrap, and took a moment to celebrate his "cut-ass butt cheeks."

Chris Pratt admits that his cucumber and egg wrap isn't quite as enjoyable as he hoped it would be, but it was worth it.


"It's basically exactly like a sandwich but instead of bread you used thinly sliced cucumbers and instead of meat you use sprouts and chopped up eggs and instead of flavor you get nutrition," Pratt wrote.

"Like I always said, eating is no longer the fun part, flexing my butt cheeks in the mirror is."

Looks like all of his hard work is paying off. "Cut-ass butt cheeks" do indeed make the sacrifice worth it.

Sources: Refinery29