Chris Pratt met his wife's doppelganger (you'll agree if you think all blonde women with bangs look the same), and their adorable photo together was not amusing to his actual wife.

"Disapproving Anna Faris" is currently rocketing to the front page of the internet's celebrity photo album.

Redditor h2daniel shared the image. Anna Faris probably downvoted it.

In April, Chris Pratt said that he refused to take photos with fans anymore, and would instead offer a handshake.

"And then they take the picture anyway."


That seems to be the case here, unless Pratt makes a special exception for women who make Anna Faris jealous.

Another Redditor asked the burning question: "Your wife looks similar to Anna here. Question of the hour: do you look similar to Chris?"

"Not even close," he said. "I have been told I have a great personality though."

Ha! That's the kind of self-deprecating humor that lands you a woman who makes Anna Faris feel bad about herself.