Chrissy Teigen, mom, wife, author, Twitter superstar, and model, is also apparently the owner of talking breasts. Or at least she was during this video posted by celebrity manicurist Mar y Sol Inzerillo, in which Chrissy Teigen is wearing a hand bra and a few pieces of yarn around her neck and not much else.

If my boobs could talk this is what they'd sound like 😂😂😂😂 @ChrissyTeigen @si_swimsuit #dying

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So now we know that Chrissy Teigen's breasts have a (pretty bad) southern accent, and a really positive outlook on life. If you ignore the fact that Teigen's mouth is moving, here's what her breasts had to say:


Hey, y’all, I’m Chrissy’s boobs. I'm having a great time here in [where?]. We’re here on set with a lot of fantastic people. But what I appreciate most is y’all are very inclusive of the titty. Well, that’s all for now, bye!

Her breasts seemed very happy to be free from the constraints of any fabric at all. Just like they say, free your mind and your boobs will follow. Hopefully we'll be hearing from Teigen's boobs again soon.

Sources: h/t People