Nobody wants to go to Donald Trump's party, and America's First Child President is pulling a classic "Uh, yeah?! Well, I didn't want you anyway!"

On Thursday night, he tweeted (what else would he do?),

This is a SAD! lie, because everyone knows how much celebrities mean to him. Trump literally spent years looking for a celebrity apprentice.

A-lister Chrissy Teigen was unamused that the President-elect is using his precious time whining about A-listers and humbly reminded us that celebrities are people too. Plus, Trump can't afford to alienate a big chunk of people—he'll be the president of the United States of America, not the United People Who Were Successfully Duped By Him.


And for the knife-twister:

In case you were confused, a fact-checker clarified that the latter tweet is, in fact, a joke.


If Lil Banana were a real act, Mike Pence would probably veto it because bananas are phallic, anyway.