Chrissy Teigen is well-known for her hilarious social media presence. She has a history of live-tweeting big events like the Super Bowl, so it's no surprise that she documented last night's Tony Awards.

Teigen was at the Tonys supporting her husband, John Legend, who worked as an associate producer on the play, Jitney. Jitney was nominated for six awards and won for Best Revival of a Play.

However, Teigen decided to see if she could convince the public she was there for a different reason.

She really committed to the joke.


So committed that she even got members of the press to refer to her as a "Broadway star."

She got really excited when Legend won his first Tony.

"GOT" is a reference to the term, "EGOT" which means "Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony." Legend is now just one award away from having them all.

And even stepped behind the camera to take photos of him.


After the show, Teigen ordered Chinese food from a restaurant with questionable menu items.

We've all been there after a night out.

Overall, it looked like a pretty good night.

We know Chrissy Teigen isn't an actual Broadway star, but she's truly amazing at live-tweeting Broadway events.