Chrissy Teigen gets snarky after publications post "relationship goals" headlines about her.

Chrissy Teigen gets snarky after publications post "relationship goals" headlines about her.

Chrissy "no time for your BS" Teigen had an amazing response to those who say her relationship with her husband is "goals" just because he helped her take off a necklace.

After the Grammys on Sunday, a very drunk Chrissy Teigen posted a Snapchat of her husband helping her take off her jewelry.

MY HEART. This is honestly goals.

Posted by BuzzFeed Style on Monday, February 13, 2017

Sure, the video is sweet and funny, but publications like Marie Claire and BuzzFeed were writing about it like John Legend just carved a statue of his wife out of marble using his nothing but his teeth. Specifically, the incident got people saying that Chrissy and John's marriage is "relationship goals."

Okay, who are these writers are BuzzFeed and Marie Claire and how poorly are they being treated by their significant others? Should we be concerned?

Anyway, Chrissy Teigen herself has a thing or two to say about the headlines citing "relationship goals," and she pretty much is urging everyone to aim just a twinge higher.


Seriously, what headlines are next?
"John Legend remembers Chrissy Teigen's birthday. GOALS!!!!"
"John Legend put the toilet seat down. PEE GOALS!"
"Chrissy Teigen passed John Legend the salt and now I am dropping out of college because THESE ARE MY NEW GOALS."

Come on, people. Get. Better. Goals.

But let's be clear. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are relationship goals. They have a beautiful daughter together, seem to have a strong and healthy marriage, and make each other laugh all the time. That is something to strive for. But as for the necklace thing, I bet you could ask a random stranger to help you remove your necklace and they would. That's not goals, that's just not being a d*ck.