What could be more fun than Chrissy Teigen plus a few drinks?

Teigen is teaming up with Smirnoff vodka for a new campaign, and though we usually only see a highly edited finished product when it comes to commercials, the model decided to share some bloopers from the shoot on her Instagram.

The commercial also features Chrissy's mother, Vilailuck Teigen, who can be spotted cracking up her daughter and exclaiming "Aw hell yeah!" at the end of the blooper reel.


"Smirnoff vodka has won every f**king award ever for vodka," says Teigen before biting her lip to keep herself from laughing.

Teigen captioned the video with this (equally funny) message:

Guys. It’s official. I’m in a relationship with @SmirnoffUS! I could have gone for a fancy vodka, but I didn't. I chose one that keeps it real instead. Smirnoff is actually a really great tasting vodka, and they aren't afraid to be a little unfancy sometimes. Samesies.

Hey Chrissy, if you and your mom ever need someone to get drunk with—I'll provide the burritos.