Being a woman and mom in the public eye, Chrissy Teigen has seen (and eviscerated) her fair share of vicious online trolls. But this is a new low. The model and mom posted an epic call out on Twitter early this morning after some trolls had the audacity to go after her and John Legend's 1-year-old daughter, Luna. WHAT?!

A Daily Mail article recently featured photos of Teigen's family out out shopping in Beverly Hills. Photos like this one:


Chrissy Teigen and John Legend spotted in Beverly Hills shopping with baby Luna! 📸 FameFlyNet

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Apparently the pics received some nasty comments, criticizing Teigen and Legend's parenting skills, and even Luna's facial expressions.

Teigen, queen of Twitter and my heart, called out the trolls by tweeting out screenshots of the comments to her 4.6 million followers:


"Imagine being this miserable," she wrote. "We are fine, thanks."


People are tweeting their support for Teigen, and everyone seems to agree that Twitter trolls are not happy people.


In addition to being unhappy, trolls are often not great spellers. As a few people pointed out one had written of Luna: "she never smiles or frys."




Seriously though, it can be easy to forget that celebrities have smartphones and wifi signals and sometimes they read the things we write about them. Yeesh! So we should probably be a little nicer. And not criticize kids, ever.

Also, Chrissy, IF you're reading this, I have zero opinions about how you and John Legend raise your beautiful baby or how often she fries.

Want to hang out and go shopping sometime?????? (Hey it's worth a shot!)