Social media queen Chrissy Teigen is not shy about sharing her feelings about our current president on Twitter. On Monday, when a video of Melania Trump swatting away Donald Trump's hand surfaced online, Teigen took a moment to tweet about how much she loved it.

Apparently, a Twitter troll had a problem with her tweet.

He seemed to imply that given her "class," she should be cleaning tables at a restaurant.


And because no one messes with Chrissy Teigen on Twitter, she clapped back at him with a perfectly crafted burn.

After looking at his profile picture, Teigen came to the conclusion that the man looked like a thumb, and she let him know it.

People mostly took Teigen's side on this one.

Some weren't surprised, given the man's Twitter bio.


Most just fan-girled over Chrissy and her sick Twitter burns.

When will the trolls learn not to try Chrissy Teigen?