Coco Austin, wife of Ice-T and mom of baby Chanel, is pretty used to haters. She's got lots of them, mostly for being a woman who chooses to live her life very publicly. Her daughter Chanel, however, has almost none, mainly because she is an adorable eight-month-old baby often photographed with big foofy things on her head. The fact that people are still decent enough to be nice to or about a baby is what gives Coco hope for the future. She told E! News:

I don't think I'll ever get away from the negativity. I noticed that on Chanel's page, there has not been one hater on her page. On her Instagram, it's all Chanel lovers. What I've noticed on my page is that I'm the one with haters. I'm the one that people want to get on. It's nice to go to a page and have not one negative thing on there. I didn't know it was out there, but she's now up to 400,000 followers and knowing that they are all lovers, it makes me believe that there's hope for humanity.